Nikolay Ovchinikov, jewellery designer

Artist pieces:

designer_silver_ring_7  designer_silver_ring_8  designer_silver_ring_9 designer_silver_ring_10 designer_silver_ring_11 designer_silver_ring_13 designer_silver_ring_14 designer_silver_ring_16 designer_earrings_1 designer_silver_ring_17

Artist statement
I believe that every piece of jewellery has some information in itself. Even mass produced in China ring is bearing some energy off cheap labor and enormous population. Some jewellery needs GIA certificate to put the information in. I am trying to make jewellery that speaks for itsef. I want my jewellery to bring some joy for its owner, some aesthetic satisfaction. Most of my jewellery is highly detailed, you can read it as a book or watch it as a movie. "Contemporary" - does not mean minimalistic or computer generated. The handcrafted Items will always attract attention independent of time when they are made.